About Us

Suitex Ltd. It was founded by Yılmaz Andır in 1980 as a company engaged in the production, export and retailing of men's and women's clothing.

In 2003, Suitex Ltd. different from his field, he established his sister company Kermiya Motors Ltd. and started to import and sell second-hand vehicles from England and Japan.

In 2008, Suitex Ltd. He became the official Northern Cyprus representative of the Samsung brand. It started selling Samsung products by establishing a wholesale, corporate and retail channel across the island. The opening of Samsung Digital Plazas was held in the three major cities of the island.

In 2011, Kermiya Motors Ltd. Began to represent Isuzu Trucks UK.


Our Company Philosophy
To invest by identifying profitable business areas with a long-term economic future in Northern Cyprus.
To take the necessary response early to potential changes in the market we are in.
To use financial and economic instruments in the most effective way. Don't be adventurous by taking risks wisely.

Our Goal
Suitex Ltd., whose primary goal is to create a respectable and reliable customer perception. Since 1980, it has formed all its investment and commercial activities around this target.

Our strategy
a) To make reliable and respectable investments in electrical and electronics retailing in Northern Cyprus.
b) To establish a relationship with both our private and corporate customers in the Northern Cyprus automobile sector within the framework of maximum service and customer satisfaction.